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Free Tarot Card Reading: Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian free Tarot Reading. Discover right now your future though the Free Egyptian Tarot. We read the Egyptian Tarot online in your favourite webpage, your free tarot reading ( love, work, helth, money...). Please share this web in your social media.

If the answer you get is not fully satisfactory, you need to take into account that maybe you are making interpretation mistakes, by forcing the cards into give an answer that is satisfactory for you.

For the card reading, just pick the egyptian tarot cards below, clicking on them.

Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian Tarot: a proven method to know our future

Are you worried about your future?You want to know with accuracy questions about the things to come? Do you want to know yourself and enlighten yourself from your inside?One of the best methods to get this kind of knowledge is the so called Egyptian Tarot.


The Egyptian Tarot is one of the eldest and deepest methods of fortune-telling that we know. This kind of fortune-telling method, related to the ancient egyptian pharaohs, has a series of unique characteristics that other fortune-telling methods lack.

The most important singularity is that each card represents a unit based in three basic elements:

We will also say that, each one of the egyptian tarot elements represents a group of conditions: human and spiritual that transgress its value, joint to the world of forutne-telling and psychic interpretation. Each symbol that appears here codified inside an esoteric symbology and the inclusion of the Hebra letters, though the kabala and astrologic information.

Egyptian Tarot Composition

Egyptian Tarot is composed by Major Arcana and Minor Arcana:

Why is useful and how to use the Egyptian Tarot

With Egyptian Tarot you can not only know precise data about your future, you can also analyze your own personality. The cards, our Egyptian Tarot method, are also, an invitation to look into our own persona: feelings, perceptions, moods and even attitudes towards life are valid points for this kind of Tarot.

To use it, you just have to relax, focus and think about what do you want to know. It is adviceable to say the question in loud voice, alone, in the quietness of our home.

It has to be total silence whe you consult the Egyptian Tarot and the more relaxed we are the better.

Egyptian Tarot is not only a knowledge method that gives us information about our future, it is also considered since always a way to wisdom and interior enrichment of the person.

It depens on our attitude, and the kind of questions, the result the Major Arcana will show.

Luckily, even in front of this complex panorama, our egyptian tarot expert has designed a series of explanations that will help you to join the information of each figure to the context of your consultation and you life.

Don't Hesitate. You just one mouse click away to know your future, and know also, in depth, what is best for you. And also explain and make sense to posible feelings and sensations that you can perceive during the days.

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