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Free Tarot Reading with The Spanish Card Deck

Free Spanish Deck tarot Reading. Know your future thanks to the spanish card deck. A few people know how to interpret it, but it is indeed one of the best Oracles to foresee love, business affairs, economics... Please share this web in your social media.

To take the reading with the spanish card deck, just choose the cards form the Tarot below, clicking on them.

Spanish Cards Deck to foresee the future free of charge: Spanish Card Deck Tarot

Though the Internet you have the chance to know your future for free thanks to the free card readings. And one of the options is the Spanish Cards Deck, widely used by tarot readers across the world.

Shortened History of the Spanish Card Deck Tarot

In the spanish card deck and also in the english one there are four different suits: Gold, Cups, Swords and Sticks for the spanish version; and diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs for the english one.

The origin of the spanish card deck traces back to the Seville Card Deck, around 1400 and its symbology is pretty similar. However, the experts note that the very first card decks are tyraced back to the ancient Egypt, and also the origin and symbology of each suit. So, the four suits represent a social class in the old egyptian cociety: Gold related to the Traders, Swords for the noble and sovereign, Cups for the priests and sticks for the farmers.

This symbology has perpetuated through time not only for the ludic use of the deck but also for its use for Tarot Readings.

Esoteric Interpretation of The Spanish Deck

The spanish deck cards also represent the Minor Arcana in Tarot. Cups, for example are related to the emotional dimension of the people; Gold is related to success or material faillure and outside recognition; Swords allude to health issues and Sticks to work.

Some decks include numbers 8 and 9 while others don't. In any case, Tarot Readers can use both for fortune-telling and its power is the same. But a deck used for fortune-telling must never be used for playing or ludic activities.

Fortune-Telling systems of the Spanish Deck

One of the greatest virtues of the spanish deck is that it can be used to foresee and describe immediate situations and the people we relate to, so this is a very effective way of fortune-telling.

The method before the reading is the Reader mixes the deck and divides it in three stocks; mixes it again and this time allows the person who is consulting to cut the deck with his or her left hand in three different sets so the profesional can join them together and then start the reading.

There are multiple reading systems and each one of them relates to the intention of the consultation. For example, the "Yes" or "No" reading is to answer specific questions and it has a very high rate of efficiency. The 40 reading or General approaches the problems and a very wide way and tries to understand them from the distance. The Spanish Card Deck Tarot has other systems like for example The Reading of 21 or the Crown reading, to foresee the future.

Try The Spanish Card Deck Online

You sure are asking yourself how is useful the reading on this page. Well, you will have generalo answers to six different aspects of your life, each one expressed in one card. From that point on, you can know in detail each prediction consulting our profesionals.

Remember that the spanish deck is very precise for everyday life issues like love affairs, work or family. Allow the spanish deck to light your future.

The cards of the spanish deck are an Oracle for predicting the future very interesting. The cards that are invoved in this reading, the spanish deck, have a meaning that we will call interpretation. Thanks to this interpretation, we can say, for example, that the sticks and cups usually predict positive things, while gold and swords are more negative. However in each suit there are positive and negative cards.

Cups and Gold Cards represent people with blon hair and pale skin; sticks and swords represents darker hair and skin.

We have always used the spanish deck to read the future: In Spain, in fact, it is the only one used because tarot cards arrivaed later in time.

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